November 2016

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Having been on the rollercoaster of running a small business for some 20 years now, I am probably the first to say that it isn’t always the easiest of rides! If you, like me, have ever woken up in the morning and thought to yourself, ‘Surely, there must be an easier way to make a living?’ then you may well be delighted to meet my guest for this month’s Authority chat.

Tom Evans is the author of The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. Having discovered the incredibly healing effects of meditation when working as a stressed-out BBC engineer many years ago, Tom now works with entrepreneurs and companies to help them improve their creativity, productivity and focus. He also helps businesses as a whole work in a more mindful way – and has a vast array of workshop offerings and audio products to choose from.

In this issue Tom and I chat about how mindfulness can help anyone to achieve more in less time and in a more relaxed and focused way… by slowing down for just 10 minutes a day. And Tom’s top tips for Practical Mindfulness follow below too.

All good wishes,
Sue Richardson
Editor of The Authority


Tom Evans’ Top Tips for Practical Mindfulness…

Mindfulness isn’t merely a box ticking exercise where we just meditate each morning for 10 minutes. It is a philosophy and way to be which makes our lives easier and more rewarding.

Here’s five examples of simple things you can do daily, that will make your business more attractive and more profitable.

1: Give Stuff Away
When we share freely, stuff comes back to us from other unexpected sources.

2: Shout Quietly
Create client magnets by sharing your wisdom on social media, in blogs, podcasts and video.

3: Share Your Wisdom
When you publish a book, it both leaves a legacy and positions you as an expert for interview.

4: Live Timefully
Time is a resource to be invested rather than spent. Maximise your time and respect the time of others.

5. Be Philanthropic
Give a percentage of your time, or profits, to Good Causes. What goes around, comes around.

Each month in The Authority, we ask a business author and leader the question ‘Which business book has particularly inspired you or changed your business and/or your life and in what way?’ 

This month we have a recommendation from Joolz Lewis. Joolz is a consultant, speaker and author of Enlightened Business: Leadership for sustainable success

Gosh – need to have a think about this! Actually… no I don’t. It would have to be David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity. Does that qualify as a business book?!

The reason it had such a big impact on me is because he explores deeply how the workplace and corporate nature of business can extinguish our creative longing and soul… and yet how much we need our soul and creative nature to express itself through our work in order for it to have meaning. It inspired me to do business my own way… trusting my intuition and my own personal journey, rather than just copying other models.

It deeply shaped my own leadership and how I shape my workshops and language around leadership for others. I guess it gave me courage to step out on what I knew deep down was true.


The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness