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Little books of business brilliance

The Authority Guides are little books of business brilliance.

Pocket-sized and powerful, each of our unique guides is expertly written to help you reach your goals and get results. Packed with the latest thinking, specialist advice, top tips and coaching, you’ll quickly boost your knowledge, learn something new and know more in no time.

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The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business by Mel Sherwood

Create success and secure more business with a powerful pitch that really packs a punch. Avoid all the common pitfalls and learn how to boldly and succinctly explain what you do in less than 60 seconds. In this fast, focused Authority Guide Mel Sherwood shares her expert knowledge to give you the skills you need to prepare and deliver a professional pitch with authority, confidence and passion.



Meet our expert Authority Guide authors

“Engagement helps businesses to be more resilient and succeed through periods of change.”

Sue Mitchell

Author, The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People

“Find out how to link mindfulness directly to leadership and discover practical, accessible tools for change.”

Palma Michel

Author, The Authority Guide to Mindful Leadership

“Are you making the most of the biggest asset in your business? Discover how to cultivate in your people the willingness to grow.”

Andrew Jenkins

Author, The Authority Guide to Developing High Performance Teams