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Do you want to build more profitable relationships with your customers?

In today’s volatile world sales professionals must know how to build trust in their company, their products and ultimately themselves in order to win the business. In this Authority Guide, sales coach Paul Avins shares his proven, 4-step system to help you contact, connect and convert more customers with less effort and no pressure.

Have a sales plan? Now you need a marketing plan.

This Authority Guide presents a methodology to allow small businesses to be proactive in writing and implementing their marketing plans efficiently and correctly into their business. Authors Ambrose and Jo Blowfield come together to help you create that plan using proven, affordable marketing tactics, both digital and traditional alike.

You can master the mysterious art of networking. 

Overcome all your networking fears and learn how to effortlessly build and leverage the powerful connections you need to enhance your reputation, raise your profile and win more business. Networking expert Rob Brown will coach you on all the essential skills that will help you meet new people, create new leads, open up opportunities and grow your business – confidently and efficiently.

Are you required to present, pitch or speak to an audience?

Whether it’s your first presentation or you’re an experienced speaker, this Authority Guide will give you the tools, tips and confidence to deliver engaging, creative and effective presentations. Steve Bustin, an award-winning business speaker (named UK Speaker of the Year 2015 by the Professional Speaking Association), an executive-level speech coach and corporate presentation skills trainer, will teach you simple but effective techniques to keep your audience engaged.

Get media coverage and grow your business through PR with this practical guide.

Any business wanting to reach new customers should be embracing public relations to spread their key messages. If you don’t, your competitors will. This Authority Guide shows you how to grab the headlines (for all the right reasons), reach huge audiences and grow your business by accessing the media to tell your story.

Want to get your business book flying off the shelves?

It’s never too soon to start thinking about how to market and promote your book. In this Authority Guide, leading book PR and marketing expert Chantal Cooke, presents 52 tips that will make your book stand out from the crowd, build your credibility as an author, and ensure you achieve those all-important sales.

Enhance your wellbeing, creativity and vitality with mindfulness meditation.

In this Authority Guide, Tom Evans, invites you to embrace the benefits of meditation in both your life and your business. With the practical mindfulness meditative techniques described in this book, you will learn how to get more done in less time. You will discover how to generate ideas off the top of your head and how to allow serendipity to land at your feet. This book opens the door to a new way to be and do.

Turn conflict into collaboration and differences into opportunities.

Capture and harness the positive energy that different personalities and approaches bring to conquer the problems that can harm teamwork, productivity and engagement in your business. In this practical Authority Guide, mediation expert Jane Gunn will teach you all the essential skills you need to constructively manage change, challenges and crisis. Develop a deeper understanding of conflict and how to transform it, as you unlock the secret to true collaboration and promote a culture of respect, cooperation and success.

Explore the psychology behind what really motivates and influences your clients, colleagues and customers.

Discover what makes people tick, how they perceive and react to different situations and why they behave the way they do. In this fast, focused guide, emotional intelligence expert Robin Hills reveals insights into motivation and how people perceive situations in business. As he unlocks the secrets of human nature you’ll learn how to inspire top performance, gain trust, win confidence and build lasting relationships – more effectively and with great results!

How do your challenges inside and outside of work impact upon your emotions and your resilience?

The emotional resilience of those involved in a business will contribute significantly to the organisation’s success. This Authority Guide from leading emotional intelligence expert, Robin Hills, will help you change the way you think about yourself and the way you approach potentially difficult situations. You will be able to develop your own personal resilience and understand how to develop resilience within the hearts and minds of your team and your organisation.

Are you making the most of the greatest asset in your business?

To make your good business a great business you need to have more than just a strong product or service. Having a high-performing team in your organisation is guaranteed to give you a competitive advantage. Andrew Jenkins helps you discover how to cultivate in your people the willingness to grow as individuals and as a group. Packed with easy-to-follow activities, exercises and models this Authority Guide explains how to build a high-performing, collaborative, trusting and resilient team.

Don’t sweat the small stuff when building your performance culture.

This Authority Guide explores the psychological theory about goal setting and feedback – essentials in building excellent performance culture. This sets the expectations and real-time feedback that managers, as coaches, can understand how to sustain it. Gene Johnson, a four-time psychology author, has dedicated his career to developing leadership and organisational systems.

Business results and meaningful work connect to impact effectiveness in our organisations and lives.

Tim Johnson, founder of Meaningful Success, shows you how to integrate practical business thinking with practical personal development to create global impact through your business or charity. This Authority Guide blueprints how we can embrace the best elements of entrepreneurial drive and passion, and an enabling blame-free culture to lead high-performing teams whilst providing personal fulfilment for all.

How do you implement mindfulness in the workplace?

Today’s leaders and organisations need to develop an agile mindset and take bold risks. This Authority Guide shows you how to link mindfulness directly to leadership and business challenges and offers practical and accessible tools for change. Written by Palma Michel, an expert on leadership, meditation and mindfulness, the book teaches you how to manage your inner landscape of thoughts, emotions and interruptions so that you can create a compassionate, innovative and sustainable working culture.

Engagement helps business to be more resilient and succeed through periods of change.

This Authority Guide addresses how businesses can increase their performance, productivity and customer/staff satisfaction through focusing on engagement. Sue Mitchell, an authority in coaching and leadership development, shows you how to build a team who is committed, inspired and eager to deliver their best work in order to make a difference.

Make a fast, effective impact on the financial success of your business.

Setting the optimum price for your products and services that’s right for your customers and market, is vital to success. But how do you know what you’re charging is doing the best job possible? In this smart, savvy Authority Guide, pricing expert Shaz Nawaz takes you step by step through everything you need to know to build a solid, reliable pricing strategy for your business. Thrive, flourish and open the door to instant increased turnover, the best customers and accelerated growth with the key to profitable pricing.

The business with the best brand story wins. Find out how to write yours. 

Connect with your customers and make your business almost impossible to resist using this sharp, practical Authority Guide that will save you time, money and frustration. Combine psychology, creativity, logic and emotion expertly into a brand story that will make your business stand out from the crowd. And using Jim O’Connor’s hard-won knowledge and vast experience give your business the focus, affinity, distinction and competitive advantage it needs to succeed and thrive. 

Are you ready to become a trusted advisor to the business world?

Publishing expert, Sue Richardson, shows you how to use your expertise, knowledge and experience to become a published authority in your field and gain the visibility you and your business needs. This Authority Guide will help you to create a plan that ensures you write and publish the right book for your business.

Make that first impression count. 

Create success and secure more business with a powerful pitch that really packs a punch. Avoid all the common pitfalls and learn how to confidently and succinctly explain what you do in less than 60 seconds. In this fast, focused Authority Guide Mel Sherwood shares all her knowledge to give you the expert skills you need to prepare and deliver a professional pitch with authority, confidence and passion.

Build a better, faster forecast.

In this Authority Guide, forecasting guru Simon Thompson shows you how to build financial forecasts quickly, effectively and cheaply through his unique, proven and easy-to-follow 10-step process. By learning how to create effective forecasts you will master the ability to understand the potential financial outcomes for your business and be able to communicate financial information in order to successfully raise investment or loans.