Paul Avins

Gene Johnson

Gene is an evidence-based work psychologist passionate about helping organisations prosper and individuals achieve their full potential.

Trained in the scientist-practitioner model, he acts as a trusted advisor to employers about how to facilitate and enhance business and individual performance. This means that he applies ‘science’ (theory and research) to practical, day-to-day challenges in the workplace. This may involve selecting leaders or identifying high potential staff through psychometrics, structured interviews, and other valid tools; helping executives ‘walk their talk’ in building a culture of performance excellence; or guiding managers in how to more skilfully utilise employee engagement levers. Whatever the application, his clients can be sure that the tools and techniques involved will be evidence-based and robust.

Gene has worked in academia, government, consultancy, and the corporate sector. He has lived and worked in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and the UK. He is the Managing Director of Working Matters, a work psychology and management consultancy operating in the UK, Asia Pacific, and internationally.