Paul Avins

Paul Avins

Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought-after sales growth experts, trainers and trusted advisors in the business world today. His 14-year track record of helping his clients and their teams achieve accelerated and sustainable growth in their companies has won him numerous awards and accolades.

He’s the creator of, the UK’s number one business mastermind for £1m+ businesses wanting to scale and sell over the next 2–5 years. This programme attracts driven business owners looking to push themselves and their teams to high levels of performance and profit.

Paul has written three best-selling books, Business SOS (Paul Avins Enterprises Ltd, 2009), Secrets of the Wealth Accelerators (Sunmakers, 2011) and Mastermind Your Way to Millions (Paul Avins Enterprises Ltd, 2015), and will be releasing his The 5 Step Formula for Building your Dream Team with Wiley in 2017.


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